Bring Your Own Art Show & Event Series

With the help of Triple Base interns Leslie Kulesh, Dina Dusko and Sarah Foster we organized a month-long weekly event series featuring comedy, music, films, poetry and bring-your-own art! We will also be open during regular gallery hours for perusal through our extensive Flat Files collection.

Friday, January 12; 7-11pm

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Artist Danny Minnick is inviting anyone and everyone to bring work (theirs or not) into the Triple Base Gallery. Bring art, music, poetry or whatever is important to you (also bring any tools you might need for display.) All works will be hung and presented this Friday from 7-11pm.

In hopes to provide access to never before seen art, invitations for presenting work have been sent through private emails, event sites, craigslist postings and newspaper ads. This free one-night event strives to create an inclusive exhibition environment for participants and viewers as well as a curatorial proposition which challenges artist Danny Minnick to create order out of all the work being brought into the space.

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Movie Night: “Allegro Non Troppo” & “The Conversation”
January 19th, 7-11pm

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“Allegro Non Troppo”: An Italian animation set to 6 classical pieces….sort of an adult’s fantasia


“The Conversation”: A Francis Ford Coppola film set in San Francisco…intense thriller about a paranoid surveillence expert

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(the masterminds: Foster and Kulesh) “Comfort is important” “This is only the first in a series of many”

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One guest in particular commented that he thought the video was amazing and claimed that God was at work….”Is the ipod on shuffle?…It is amazing how perfect the music goes along with the imagery…did you guys plan this….does everyone know about this?” SH

An Orange Glow
Poems by Pat Dunagan and William Skinker
January 26th, 8pm


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Thank you, this was a really a wonderful evening. There will definitely be more to come.

Connnie Fucking Francis
February 1, 8pm


Connie Fucking Francis will be performing at Triple Base Thursday February 1st. The Oakland band is lead by vocalist Lain Kay who offers up his own interpretation of the 50’s pop singer Connie Francis. The young group is known for their engaging theatrical performances, elaborate costumes and how they uniquely spin such songs like “Where the Boys Are”. This night is not to be missed! Sean, Sam and Lain have promised a special performance created just for Triple Base.

Visit Connie Fucking Francis on Myspace

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Winnipeg Film & Video Night
Host: Paul Butler, (theothergallery)
February 4, 7-10pm

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Paul Butler is a part of the constantly evolving, idiosyncratic Winnipeg art scene (itself the subject of a six-page ‘City Report’ in the March 2006 issue of Frieze.) An ardent investor in the potential of collaboration Butler works simultaneously as an artist, curator (since 1998 he has organized the globally-roving “Collage Party” project), and as the director of Winnipeg’s ‘othergallery’ ( which represents the work a newly emergent generation of Canadian artists. Butler’s own work predominantly takes the form of collages – often created from the ‘left-overs’ from “Collage Party” events.

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SF Chronicle review on event “Creating to Cope”

A Weekend Of Endearingly Offensive Comedic Artistic Endeavors
with Alex Koll, Michael Meehan, Brent Weinbach, The New Golden Boys, and Sub-Standard Comix
February 8 – February 11

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Seriously Hilarious Opening Night Performance
featuring Alex Koll, Michael Meehan, and Brent Weinbach
February 8, 8pm

ALEX KOLL is a comedian to the kind of person who likes Alex Koll. He has made a name for himself as the King of Import Racing three years running simply by writing “King of Import Racing” on every bathroom wall. For a while, Alex delivered wedding cakes in a Toyota that doubled as a home for an unemployed nuclear lab technician on weekends. Recently, he lost his voice, but got it back without even trying. Currently, Alex puts his art school education to good use as an occasionally employed Bay Area stand-up comedian and performer. In addition to his Triple Base opening night performance, on view will be some of his serious photography.

As a stand-up comedian, BRENT WEINBACH has gained a particularly favorable reputation in both the underground and mainstream San Francisco scenes. Through an unconventional and quirky style, Brent combines absurdism, physical humor, and cultural characterizations with an innocent and intellectual sophistication. As the Weinbach cult following continues to develop, fans the world over can be seen wearing the increasingly fashionable Weinbach t-shirt. Witness the man and the magic on opening night with selections from his “Brown Elephants” photo series.

Flying trapeze instructor, carpenter and comedian MICHAEL MEEHAN is a self-taught painter and sculptor. His art is forged from salvaged materials and a sense of the absurd. A Punch Line Comedy Club regular and Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson peformer, Michael’s stand-up will be featured on opening night in addition to new works on canvas.

THE NEW GOLDEN BOYS, America’s Last Chance, is a sketch comedy outfit from the great state of New Jersey featuring the high volume comedic gold of Pete Capella, Rob DiPatri, Eric Grissom, Dan McGee, and Bryan Sproat. Videos from their most hilarious moments to date will be shown throughout the Weekend of Endearingly Offensive Comedic Artistic Endeavors.

The SUB-STANDARD COMIX (a.k.a. HALF-ASS COMEDIANS) were born out of a drunken conversation in Austin, TX on April 1, 2000 between two men named Hot Puff and Lumpy. Their primary goal is to perform the worst material possible in the most unappealing and unexpected locations. Audience reactions range from “idiot” to “genius”. This exhibition includes visual and audio insults from their street and stage work.