Triple Base Door Closing Party

Triple Base Door Closing Party
Saturday, January 7th, 8pm-late
Music by Big Boy Scene DJ Alberto Cuadros

A Note from Gallery Owner Dina Pugh:

After seven years of adventurous exhibitions and events by emerging artists, Triple Base will be closing its doors, with a closing party to celebrate all of our friends and accomplishments on Saturday, January 7th, starting at 8pm and going late. Join us on the early side to converse and on the later end to D-A-N-C-E!

I think of this not as an ending but a new beginning for the space on 24th Street, myself and the artists who worked alongside Joyce Grimm and me to build the gallery over the years. The physical gallery will turn into a thriving new art space lead by Lindsey White, David Kasprzak and Jordan Stein (please support them!) The Triple Base website and newsletters will remain a resource to gain information on new works and exhibitions by Triple Base artists as well as my new curatorial projects.

Although I have relocated to New York, I remain dedicated to the Bay Area artists I have championed over the years and I hope to build on this work through my art advisory service, independent curatorial endeavors and a new creative agency I co-founded with Adam Katz and David Kramer, Imprint Projects. Please continue to contact me at for any inquiries about new works or commissions.

Although we have shown countless artists through our flat files, events and exhibitions I would like to thank the core group that really built the ship and who I plan to continue to work with in the future: Jay Nelson, Rachel Kaye, Todd Bura, Alexander Kori Girard, Bryson Gill and Oliver Halsman Rosenberg who founded the gallery in 2003 with Clint Taniguchi. I am so proud of how all of these artists have flourished over the past half decade. Joyce and I started showing many of them fresh out of art school and watched them steadily expand their practice and their careers, now exhibiting throughout the US and internationally to critical acclaim.

I would also like to thank the many people whose support the gallery relied upon: Larry Rinder who was a mentor and advocate since the earliest days of Triple Base, Steven Leiber our trusty critic and quiet champion, Leigh Markopoulos, Jens Hoffmann, Sabrina Buell, Kenneth Baker, Rene de Guzman, Marjory Graue and Marianna Stark. Although Triple Base did not have an official Board of Directors, these people (and many others too great to be named here) were integral to our past success and future accomplishments. I also have to mention all of our loyal clients who kept us afloat while giving our work meaning through their true passion for art.

We also owe so much to Will Brown who has led the gallery for the past six months, and to our many die-hard interns throughout the years (most recently Heidi Rabben, Anouk Jonker, Brandon Holmes and Leef Smith). Thank you, thank you!

I also write this letter on behalf of Joyce Grimm, my partner and Triple Base’s co-director who re-invented the gallery with me in 2005 and worked hard to create a new kind of emerging artist space for six years, one that did not rely on the traditional commercial gallery model, but integrated the values and strategies of non-profits and entrepreneurial upstarts. We are humbled by the outpouring of support Triple Base has received over the years. Please stay in touch and come join us on January 7th for a celebration!

All the best,
Dina Pugh

Lettie Jane Rennekamp: They May Help Mediate With Spirits

In the Backroom:

They May Help Mediate With Spirits: A Show of Masks
Lettie Jane Rennekamp
September 4 – 28, 2008

The Better to See Who is Speaking.jpg

Lettie Jane Rennekamp creates objects and paintings infused with pattern and time. Her most recent series of works for They May Help Mediate With Spirits, is a collection of painted masks intended to aid the viewer in contacting and accessing the supernatural. Each mask is forged with a specific power derived from the palette and the materials used to make it. The viewer is asked to open their mind and eyes, allowing the mask to perhaps show them the psychic structures circulating through their life and time.

Rennekamp was born in 1982 in Louisville, Kentucky. She received her BFA in Printmaking from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2005. She currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon.