Chris Cobb: Everything in a Drawing and Nothing in a Drawing

Chris Cobb: Everything in a Drawing and Nothing in a Drawing
March, 2006

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With the assistance of 30 people San Francisco artist Chris Cobb has made a series of drawings that are as messy as they are colorful. Questioning authorship and originality, Cobb’s upcoming exhibition at Triple Base Gallery shows what happens when 30 friends and fellow collaborators draw layer after layer to make dense, luminous drawings.

While Cobb sets forth a basic idea or structure, each picture made by the group is unique. The idea is to create a new experience with each drawing, and each person represents a certain color. This choreographed art was inspired by a rather existentialist text sent to Cobb by the Japanese artist Kazumasa Noguchi. Noguchi described time as being revealed in layers of meaning.

Curator Joyce Grimm has established this assignment-based project as the first No.4 exchange with Triple Base’s sister gallery, Nakaochiai Gallery, located in Tokyo. Both spaces support interrelation, expansion, and exchange for a growing network of international artistic communities. “Everything in a Drawing and Nothing in a Drawing” originated with an invitation to Nakaochiai Gallery to recommend a Tokyo artist who had a great understanding of space and would be interested in lending their artistic and poetic sensibilities through a descriptive text that would then be translated by artist Chris Cobb. Nakaochiai Gallery recommended artist Kazumasa Noguchi and it was with his poetic text this project began. A future project will involve a reciprocal exchange in Japan.

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