Dream With Everything That Fades Away

Dream With Everything That Fades Away
Guillermina Baiguera, Chris Duncan, Linda Geary & Scott Oliver
Curated by Dina Pugh
November 21 – December 20, 2008

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“I move along in the tender intent of finding myself. It’s where I discover well-being in simplicity and can dream with everything that fades away while taking my time to observe the beauty of things.” – Guillermina Baiguera

Triple Base is pleased to present Dream With Everything That Fades Away, a group exhibition featuring the San Francisco premiere of Buenos Aires-based artist Guillermina Baiguera, alongside established Bay Area-based artists Chris Duncan, Linda Geary and Scott Oliver, from November 21 – December 20, 2008.

Guillermina Baiguera uses drawing, embroidery and patchwork to transmit an aesthetic mood by creating a space where the eternal is suggested in every element. For the idea to be complete, the fantasy of each viewer must come into play, abandoning one’s self to the full enjoyment of beauty. Holland Cotter (New York Times) described Baiguera’s work as exemplifying a “craft-based, private-feeling, nostalgic-utopian aesthetic.” These pieces are shown alongside Bay Area artists Linda Geary, Scott Oliver and Chris Duncan who similarly employ an intuitive art making process that engages formal qualities of materiality, luminosity and color.

Linda Geary’s new large-scale paintings explore the emotional potential of color, line, shape, and form. Geary applies multiple layers of paint to create thick lines that weave in and out of gestural brush strokes and across sanded expanses, resulting in a dramatic field of abstraction.

Scott Oliver strives to articulate a poetic and meaningful relationship with the everyday objects and materials he uses in his work. For him they have significance that exceeds their utilitarian definitions. His crocheted chord pieces featured in the show deliberately confuse form and function to allow for a simultaneous consideration of materiality, intended purpose, and formal expectations.

In Chris Duncan’s mixed media works, stark color contrasts of light and dark seek to bridge opposing forces of positive and negative, hope and despair. Considering the site of Triple Base Gallery, Duncan’s new work for this exhibition employs a mirror as its base that – in step with his previous installation-based practice – interacts with the energy of the space.