Elisheva Biernoff Dinner Lecture

Dinner Lecture
in conjunction with Elisheva Biernoff Solo Show
Friday, October 8th, 7-10pm

Guest Speakers: Dee Hibbert-Jones & Lynn Marie Kirby
Guest Chef: Aurora Crispin

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Friday, October 8th was a unique Dinner Lecture experience. Our guest speakers were Dee Hibbert-Jones, artist and Associate Professor, of Art & Digital Arts New Media at UC Santa Cruz and Lynn Marie Kirby, Artist and Professor of Film & Fine Arts at California College of the Arts. Preparing our meal was Aurora Crispin, Chef Apprentice at the Headlands Center for the Arts.

Reflecting on themes running through Elisheva Biernoff’s solo show at Triple Base, Hibbert-Jones shared personal stories about her time as an Artist in Residence at the San Francisco Dump and discussed how the discarded objects she encounters act as time capsules that provide clues into the economic and social climate of a community. Over dessert, artist Lynn Marie Kirby will shared her unique “Listening”text that she created specifically in response to Biernoff’s installation.

The Dinner Lecture Series strives to illuminate the practice of the current artist(s) exhibiting in the gallery space and extend the participants’ thinking around topics related to the show. Discussions and debates are encouraged and facilitated by the convivial family style meal that coincides with the lecture that takes place in a comfortable loft apartment in the Mission District.