In the Black Art Sale

In The Black
Art Sale
December 20-21, 2006


Help bring Triple Base into the black! This special sale features affordable works of art by the talented local artists featured in the Triple Base Flat Files. This is your chance to see everything in the flat files out on display for two-nights only. Paintings, sculptures and larger works on paper by Triple Base artists will also be included.

Click here to see works in the Flat Files for sale

The Triple Base Flat Files are designed to highlight and promote the work of Bay Area artists. The collection provides a unique resource for those interested in easily surveying a range of local artists. Sales from the Flat Files are the main source of funding for the experimental exhibitions that unfold on a monthly basis in the project space. So every dollar you spend helps us keep the space running and supports the emerging artists we feature.
Artwork by:

Alissa Anderson
Cory Archangel
Sarah Applebaum
Bert Bergen
Todd Bura
Michael Cappabianca
Beth Cook
Alika Cooper
Amanda Eicher
Tara Foley
Matt Furie
Bryson Gill
Kevin Scott Hailey
Andrew Junge
Nicholas Karvounis
Melissa Kaseman
Travis Kerkela
Justin Limoges
Kyle Mock
Dave Muller
Jay Nelson
Kottie Paloma
Hilary Pecis
Oliver Halsman Rosenberg
Chris Sollars
Charlene Tan
Zefrey Throwell
Andrew Tosiello
Paul Urich