Kottie Paloma: In the Valley of the Sun

In the Valley of the Sun
New Work by Kottie Paloma
September 8 – October 1, 2006

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A new exhibition by Kottie P.
Including: Books on Tape Vol.II 
KQED The Writers’ Block
Video Collaboration with Liz Walsh
and a 23 Track Compilation album called “Kottie and Friends!”
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“Because you want to know what it is like to get inside someone else’s head. OR You may be a very kind and intelligent person but find yourself getting irritated by the abundance of political correctness in San Francisco. Kottie Paloma makes works that are tragic, humorous and often poignant by simply responding to his immediate surroundings. One aspect of his solo show will be a new series of constructed books consisting of his drawings and accompanied by audio recordings produced by Brian Pedersen. Paloma’s artwork resonates with people who pay attention to the details of urban living and to those who may be fortunate enough to have once lived outside of its harsh reality. You can not experience his art without having a reaction, that would be simply impossible.”

-Joyce Grimm

Barry Bonds interviews Joyce Grimm about Kottie Paloma’s solo exhibition