Sumi Ink Club

Sumi Ink Club
Multi-City Collaborative Drawing Event
March 23, 2008, 2-5pm

Click here to view images from the world-wide event

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In conjunction with the exhibition Starting with Blade…, LA-based Sumi Ink Clubwill organize a multi-city simultaneous drawing event open to the public at Triple Base (San Francisco); SITE LA (Los Angeles), Little Cakes (New York),ShoboshoboLe Fun Club (India) and Lexifur’s Lair and Pickle Alley @ Raphael Lyon’s (mudboy) home (Providence).

Sumi Ink Club is a Los Angeles-based drawing collective founded in 2005 by Sarah Anderson and Luke Fischbeck. The group meets regularly to execute topsy-turvy, detailed, collaborative drawings using ink on paper. In each of its permutations, Sumi Ink Club uses group drawing as a means to open and fortify social interactions that bleed into everyday life. Sumi Ink Club is non-hierarchical: all ages, all humans, all styles.

Other collaborations featuring Sarah Anderson and Luke Fischbeck include the band, Lucky Dragons, and the small publishing house, Glaciers of Nice who will create a publication out of the drawings that result from the simultaneous drawing events.