Drew Bennett: The Clouds Carved the Mountains

The Clouds Carved the Mountains: A Dialog Between Sound and Space
Installation and Sound Series by Drew Bennett
October 18 – November 11, 2007

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The Clouds Carved the Mountains is a solo exhibition and collaborative music project by San Francisco-based artist Drew Bennett. Bennett’s project confronts the traditional anti-social nature that can often exist in visual art practice. The major focus in this Triple Base project is to shift this perspective, which Bennett achieves by transforming the gallery architecture into an environment ripe with visual and musical inspiration. Each Sunday, audience members explore the space with the lead guide being the musical performers. Bennett has joined forces with sound and light installation artist Joshua Churchill and together they will carve out the interior of the gallery and construct a landscape that functions as a gallery stageroom. The constructed space will challenge artists and musicians while enveloping the audience.

In this month-long exhibition, Bennett and selected Bay Area sound artists and musicians to respond to the broad concept of space. Collectively, their response is presented as an ongoing site-specific installation. There will be a Sunday Sound Series consisting of selected performances throughout the run of the show. Each performance will consider the sentiment of the installation and use music and vibration to explore the parameters of the gallery space.

San Francisco Weekly Review

October 21st
Sean Horchy, Simulcra, Lucky DragonsShip, Pumpkins

October 28th
Bert Bergen, Fortune Tower, ConesiXiAscended Master

November 4th
Kushi Puri, Nobody Beats, Moot, 
Hannah and RavenSnowblinkPale Hoarse

November 11th
John Willhoite, 60 Watt Kid, Mike Sempert of Birds and BatteriesTussle, and
Jascha Ephraim Memorial Library