Dinner Lecture: Think Small

Dinner Lecture
Think Small
Autofuss Studio
Co-produced by Taste Project
October 25, 2008, 7-10pm

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“Think Small” Dinner Lecture, was Triple Base’s a collaborative event with our friends Margaret McLaughlin and Christian Haas of Taste Project. The evening consisted of art installations, three lectures and a dinner all intertwined in a thematic narrative created to stimulate guests’ minds and palates. Scale, constraints and growth were the pillars upholding the overall theme of the evening and were extracted from the mission of Triple Base Gallery.
Guests speakers included Matthew Passmore, co-founder of art and design collective Rebar who spoke about scale in terms of Rebar’s public art initiatives and Shoshana Berger, co-founder/editor of ReadyMade magazine who discussed the constraints of starting and growing a D.I.Y. publication. Triple Base co-directors Dina Pugh and Joyce Grimm ended the evening by sharing their philosophy of growth and how it pertains to running an emerging artist gallery.
There were three dining tables, each designed to reflect one of the event’s three themes. The constraint table had a custom-designed tablecloth printed with classic table manners while a 1951 etiquette video played in the background illustrating one should behave (or perhaps the norms you could break away from.) The second table challenged the notion of scale, with an over-sized Luxo lamp from Design Within Reach towering over visitors as they dined. The third table was structured around the idea of growth and lured guests to create. Seated next to artist/engineer Alex Shullman’s 10 foot Coit Tower sculpture made solely out of legos, guests were invited to build their own lego “towers of power” upon the lego board table runner.
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