Elyse Mallouk: Trickle-Down: Yours for the Mining

In the Triple Basement:

Trickle-Down: Yours for the Mining
Multi-channel video installation by Elyse Mallouk
May 15 – July 26, 2009


Triple Base’s underground project space featured a multi-channel video installation by Elyse Mallouk. Diamonds dripped from the rafters and the cracks in the walls, filling the gallery basement and accumulating in a stack of editioned prints, free to take. Gemstones are powerful symbols of love, desire, and seduction. Like art objects, they are culled from raw material, polished, and invested with symbolic significance and sentiment. They outlive their original owners and their first meanings, transformed each time they change hands. In this projection, the diamonds seeping from the gallery walls alluded to the connections between desire, value, and art. Mallouk is currently pursuing a dual MFA/MA in Fine Arts and Visual and Critical Studies at California College of the Arts.